Thursday, February 25, 2010


salam 9 rabiulawal...
teringat dulu masa orientasi ukm..
i'm lonely i have no any geng..
usually i eat lonely..
wif no fren..although my roomate on that time..
was fren wif many people..
i don know but i can't get along wif them..
so it's better i'm lonely...than forcing myself
"lonely..i'm miss lonely i hav nobody..i'm on my own.."
agak sedih..

so bile da sampai kat ukmkl..
i try to find someone that i can close tooo..
then i met miesa..
thank you miesa for accept me...
then i realize..when i wif her..
myself esteem go down..
i know i should not blame her for that..
then i try to find smtg n someone..
on that time i also pray to Allah..
to bestow me fren to help me now until hereafter..

i n miesa do not split but
we dont spent our time much together like before
but unfortunately..i met asma..
i become close wif her until now...
before that i also tink that
Allah already make my wish become true..
wif her i could find myself....
i be myself ..insyaAllah..

and automatically
i,asma and dayah become close together
although there is somtg secret between us
i hope the secret won't pull us apart
because our value of frenship
doesn't refer on that but..
our frenship is because of Allah..

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