Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Election


" Zu, who is your choice? "

First question in the early morning. Macam da jadi kebiasaan. After on TPC for all personal computers... usually,on the screener side while waiting for the patient, we will open The Star online. Apa lagi terpampang muka Clinton dan Trumph.

Then, simply answer,
"I choose Trumph! Haha.."

All are laughing around."Are u  serious?

"Ya, why not? He is rich."

"Oh ok. Zu is voting for Trumph."

Sepanjang hari tu, aku search about Clinton and Trumph. Bos pula datang. U tengah voting ke zu?

Trumph atau Clinton nothing big difference to be discussed. Both of them bring the same agenda.

Aku akan tetap bekerja makan gaji macam biasa. Yang mungkin pling memberi kesan adalah matawang asing. Tak boleh travel jauh-jauh.

Some might said, "I tak akan pergi US for another 10 years because of currency and anything else"

Clinton or Trump maybe a big matter to the world. But, the first thing to think about is about ourselves. Apa yang akan berubah pada diri kita if either one win the election?

If nothing, for what are we concern for?

Tetapi, apabila perubahan besar berlaku pada dunia tapi kita masih lagi orang yang sama...

Just want to initiate diri sendir untuk berfikir..
Moga blog ni tiada lagi habuk.. fuh3..fuh3..fuh3

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