Sunday, June 22, 2014



"Zu, urgent !!call me back.."

after 9 missed call i recieved. Haha once again..

ok, no worries settle sudah. Itulah cabaran bila buat oncall weekends. huhu, kerja tak settle setakat hospital je. Balik rumah pun kena call lagi. Hampir-hampir pergi hospital semula.

Feeling down for awhile, but its okay. This is what we called process of learning.

over the weekends my time burned.

Banyak pula benda tertangguh. Minggu ni plaing mendebarkan sebab nak kena present CPD for my second time. XOXO.

Tajuk: Primary Open Angle Glaucoma, pilih sendiri ok.haha. Tapi tak buat reading lagi. huhu.

Dalam otak pulak berserabut... case discussion, case report, follow up patient.
Adeh, my baby tak discharge lagi case MDR TB. Hurm, nanti nak tya dr lah apa prognosis die..probably how long die akan stay kat hospital)

But then, i always remind my self, berserabut management bermula dengan keserabutan solat.

So, i start my pembaikan from my solah first. Time for a quality tilawah and quality mathurat.

Sometimes, when i think Allah is always with my effort.. i feel bless. no point for me to be stress or regret. hoyeahh!

dun ever worry, just proceed with ur step and plan!!

* baru-baru ni kawan saya tanya,

"zu, pernah tak rasa menyesal pilih farmasi...?" and my is answer is..
oh, sabah! out of my expectation...

"yea..saya pernah... (-_-)"

so in preparing.

1. case discussion of oncology
2. CPD presentation
3. case discussion of acute paeds
4. case report for acute paeds
5. viva for galenical and DD.
6. critical appraisal


got another 8 viva to be settle...alhamdulillah, no stress but love :)

lets' pray together,

eh, they called me for jamaah maghrib,

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